Quit Smoking To Save Money

Health isn�t the only factor in why people are planning to quit smoking now or in the near future. The cost of smoking has a direct impact on their way of life, limiting the amount of money they can contribute to the living expenses of the household.

Smoking is a very expensive habit, and it�s worse when you smoke more than one pack per day. Smokers may start out smoking relatively few cigarettes per day, but as the addiction goes on, they start upping the number of cigarettes they need to use each day in order to feel the mood enhancement, so the cost of their habit goes up accordingly until they make the decision to quit smoking.

Right now, you can calculate the money you spend by figuring out how many packs per day you smoke and multiplying that number by 365. That�s your monthly cost of the nicotine habit, which would fall to zero if you quit smoking instead.

For instance, if you live in a state where a pack of cigarettes is approximately $3.58, which is low compared to many state prices, and you smoke one pack per day, then you�re racking up a $1,306.70 a year habit.

Wouldn�t you rather quit smoking and do something extravagant with $13,067 in ten years than have health complications from a smoking habit? Of course those who are up to 3 packs per day in a state where the cost of cigarettes is well over $5 per pack, see an even bigger impact on their finances.

If you were to quit smoking a pack a day today and put the money you�re using toward cigarettes into a 401(k) that earns you at least 9% interest, then you�d have a quarter of a million dollars within the next 30 years.

If you don�t quit smoking, then you�ll also be paying other costs associated with your habit. For instance, smokers have a heftier bill for teeth cleanings and dry cleaning, just to get the stains and odors out.

Until you quit smoking, you�re also plagued with higher insurance costs because health care providers know the impact smoking causes on the health economy of our nation.

Need to sell your car? If you�ve been smoking in it, you won�t get as much for your trade-in as you would if you had quit smoking. Plus, studies have shown that smokers earn less and risk being unemployable by companies with a no-smoking policy.

These costs don�t even factor in the healthcare costs associated with smoking. When you consider the health impact smoking has, the cost is even greater. Quit smoking for your health, but also to reduce your financial waste and put that money toward your lifelong dreams.