The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating

In the technologically advanced world that we live in today, it is not surprising that there is an option available such as Internet dating. This offer is in fact incredibly popular around the world, especially in North America. There are both advantages and disadvantages to Internet dating, as with almost anything else, and these should be thoroughly considered first by anyone who is planning on trying out Internet dating. Although the Internet is efficient and quick, there are certain dangers and precautions that should be known by anyone who is using it, especially young adults.

Advantages of Internet Dating

There are many advantages to Internet dating, such as the fact that the Internet combined with the available dating services online, make for a quick, easy, and exact combination match of the qualities you say you are looking for in a person.

You can also feel comfortable in knowing that with Internet dating you do not have to actually meet the person until you feel ready, so if you talk with them a couple of times and decide that you really have nothing in common, that you�re not attracted to the person, or maybe you have even already found someone else � regardless of the reason, you can easily stop talking to them without having to give an explanation, and without having to put yourself through the awkwardness of a forced meet.

Disadvantages of Internet Dating

There are also many disadvantages of Internet dating, such as the fact that you can never really be sure that the person you are conversing with is actually who they say they are. Even if you are contacting this person through a reputable online dating service, you should know and understand that it is not hard for the other person to use someone else�s photo and then lie about his actual identity.

Although a lot of the times this is not the case, there have been many times when this exact situation has occurred; you go to meet the person you thought was someone else, and rather than finding what you were expecting, you find something completely different.

There is also the danger factor, as the person you�re meeting could be lying about their identity and could be a criminal. The key here is to be safe, know what you are doing, and take the proper measures to protect yourself. Even if you are sure that the person is not lying at all about their identity, if you are planning to meet them in person, you should do so in a public place so that you do not have to feel uncomfortable, threatened or uneasy.