Dating Tips: Flirting Is A Healthy And Fun Way To Approach Someone

Are you in need of dating tips to help you grab that 'special someone' or perhaps you just need a little extra confidence when approaching the opposite sex. Well there is one little nugget of advice that many dating books overlook and that is about the benefits of flirting.

Besides just being a fun and innocent way of addressing a person you are attracted to, flirting can also be an effective method for getting to know a person. But many men and women are not sure how to flirt or what exactly they should be getting out of the act of flirting.

We couldn't possibly cover all of the different aspects of how to flirt here in this article, but fortunately we do have three simple tips for you to learn from below:

1. First of all, the fastest way to a person's heart is to find something about the person that you truly like and appreciate, then simply compliment them on it. It could be the clothes they wear or the way they talk. Perhaps it is the way they do their job that attracts you, or how they treat other people. Whatever it is, compliment the person on it.

2. Another way to effectively flirt is to listen to the person. Get her to talk about something that she is very passionate about and then sit back and listen attentively. People just love it when you are into their discussion. In fact, the most powerful aphrodisiac is having your undivided attention.

3. Let's not forget the simplest way to flirt: smiling. Putting on a big smile has been known to communicate many men and women of another person's interest. But be careful, you do not want to give the wrong message to a person you are not interested in, so tone those smiles down to a professional but friendly level if you are not �flirting�!

So what are the benefits of flirting? Believe it or not, you can derive many benefits from flirting. Here are a few such positive ways that flirting can help benefit your life. For one thing, flirting can give your ego a nice boost by easing loneliness. This enables you to interact and meet other people. Also, flirting can in turn help you make new friends. And last but not least, flirting can help you build self confidence.