Dating Tips: Learn How To Overcome The Fear Of Commitment

Do you have a major fear of commitment? Are you a �commitment phobe� when it comes to being with one person for a long period of time? Are you trying to break that problem and give a relationship 100% commitment? The good news is that there is indeed a method of overcoming your fears.

Don't get me wrong, overcoming the fear of commitment is not that easy for some people. This is mostly due to the fact that this particular issue with commitment is typically the result of a major hurtful event in one's life, where your heart was probably broken by an old boyfriend or girlfriend. Or perhaps on a deeper level you had a bad experience watching your parents engage in a nasty divorce that caused you to fear commitment.

Whatever it is that might be at the root cause, it is up to you to decide to change and learn to put aside your fears in order to maintain a loving and lasting relationship. Although it may take some counseling and work if your problems run very deep, there are a few very simple ways that you can start working on your commitment issues. In fact, you can start this very moment by going over and implementing the following tips:

1. Come face to face with reality that no one person will ever fulfill all of your needs. This line of thinking is unhealthy to begin with, not including expecting other people to make you happy.

You make yourself happy, that is the only person who can do so. Expecting another to do it will only help you break off relationships and fulfill your desire to continue fearing commitment. Nobody is perfect.

2. Stabilize that wondering eye! You know what I am talking about. If you truly are looking to maintain that loving relationship that you are in then you will have to control yourself when it comes to looking at other men or women.

Of course this may be just a physical act, but for those of you who have severe issues with commitment it also is a mental act. While you may be admiring someone who is nice looking, on a deeper level you are also looking for �something better� or �a way out� of your current relationship.

3. When you get angry at your girlfriend or boyfriend and argue, learn to stop the fight and reevaluate the root cause. People who have major issues with committing in a relationship tend to be overly anger at their partner.

They have these negative emotions due to their own lack of control when it comes to committing and tend to take it out on the other person. When you get angry then take a step back and really come clean with yourself about why you are angry and do something about it!